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Set designers

    Noam (aka Nobo) is your best props master. She has the patience to go over the smallest details, and always knows the decor and content aspect of every little part of the production. She has eight years of set experience, and she’s still in her 20's! That's because she's a "set animal", which means she is very natural on sets, has lots of energy, shining eyes and a big smile, even when everyone else is already exhausted.Sample Work » linklinklinklinklinklink
  • Noam Bohem

    Props Master, Project Manager

  • Ori likes challenges. For years he has been collecting objects, from furniture to old TV sets. He has his own studio, which is half props storage (also known as 'all the things he collected') and half workshop where he builds stuff. Usually he does set design for TV and features as well as special effects but mostly he is the guy who solves my problems. He builds sets for my animation with mechanical doors, creates explosions, burns stuff and always finds a way to make my weird wishes come true. When you get a person like that in your crew, you want to keep him. So I married him. That's also why I can say - the man likes a challenge.Sample Work »
  • Ori Ravin

    Construction, Special Features

  • Hefi is an art director. I don't think there is a project too big for her to handle. She's done it all: feature films shot in Morocco and the US, TV drama, comedy, fashion shows... She is the #1 art director of reality shows in Israel, with her track record including: The Bachelor, Beauty and the Geek, and four seasons of Survivors - which means traveling for six months to the other side of the world, with a ten person crew and a hundred local craft workers... Being an art director in an unfamiliar place is a complex and highly stressful occupation, but Hefi can cope with any situation, leading the way like a virtuosic conductor.Sample Work » linklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklink
  • Hefi Bohem

    Art Director

  • Doris, my princess... Sorry, I'll start again, Doris studied fashion (and is very fashionable) but went on to work as a set dresser and art director. She is very experienced, and always impresses me by her ability to bring 3 full trucks and handle 10 sets at a time. She knows how to make things look good, from realistic to surrealist sets. She works fast and is totally organized. You should see her bargain with a stubborn merchant in a market, till he laughs, agreeing on the price she wants and look at us saying, "Damn, she's good!".Sample Work » linklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklink
  • Doris Ben Shoshan

    Set Decorator