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Production Crew

    Keren and Bergi work together as line producers. I met them while they were producing a prime time show. Keren is a clever and experienced producer with great ideas, clear vision and a lovely smile. Bergi is dedicated, creative and always keeps his sense of humor. They work great together and complete each other. I have huge admiration for their ability to handle a very stressful show, and unique talent for saying the right thing at exactly the right time.
  • Keren Avimor
    Nir Bergman

    Line Producers

  • Eyal is a rebel. He is also a producer and usually works around the art scene, from the biggest international museums to small projects where he helps out confused video artists, and he handles all projects in his dedicated way. Once we accidentally caused a main road to be closed by the police, while they were busy exploding a parcel we left in the middle of the road. We looked at the robot shooting at our parcel, and felt maybe we should have picked it up not AFTER we ate, but before. Anyway, the guy was SO happy about causing trouble for the police, hence the rebel.
  • Eyal Vexler

    Line Producer, Project Manager

  • Gal is a tough woman. Gal is a tough producer. I'm not sure what comes first. She has great experience in TV productions - she has been working in the industry for over ten years. She makes me feel like my shooting days are a piece of cake, and that's good, cause who doesn't like cake?
  • Gal Kalfus

    Line Producer

  • Roee is a TV director. He started as a video editor and became very successful, and then started to direct and became successful in that as well. He has made 3 shows for kids, 7 comedy shows, 21 music videos, 3 documentary series and 1 documentary film. He has helped me tremendously over the years, introduced me to people who changed my life, and he is known to be one of the nicest directors in the industry. Much nicer than me, that's for sure.Showreel »
  • Roee Florentin

    Director, Creative

  • To be a director of photography for puppets is not simple at all. It's much easier to work with real actors in most cases. The DP needs to have a lot of patience, and luckily Michael has tons of that. He works fast, understands light and colors, and it's always a pleasure with him. We worked together on 2 projects, and as we had so little money - and no post - we had to build a construction for a complex shot. 8 people had to move things during the shot... So you might call him a Director of Choreography.
  • Michael Israel

    Director of Photography

  • Sil. We are both Virgo, which means - if you leave a 3rd (non-virgo) person in the room with us, it results in terror for the poor man! Sil's ability to create order and stand as head of a project is unbelievable. He is someone you want on your side while standing in front of a challenge. Hyperactivity can become a benefit when it channels to hard work. And he has the best style ever.
  • Sil Gutter

    Project Manager