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    I'm Maya and I'm the founder of Sunday Crowd. I'm a director and puppet animator and I make quality content for both kids and adults. I find myself in the auspicious position of being surrounded by gifted people, who I hope to keep by my side for years to come. As I'm the one who put this CROWD of people together, I thought I should be the one introduce them all to you. Showreel »
  • Maya Kessler

    Founder & Chief Creative Officer

  • With more than 20 years experience as a producer for a wide variety of projects, films, TV dramas, TV reality shows and commercials, Gregory has a wealth of experience in productions from around the world including: five TV drama series, ten full length film productions, over 120 commercial projects, and ten TV reality shows including Survivor, Amazing Race, and more.
  • Gregory Bekerman

    Executive Producer