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Post Production

    Dovev is a designer, After Effects and 3d animator. He is a passionate guy, which you can see by looking at his impressive reel. I always think that crazy geniuses have more hours in a day, and his reel proves it - a normal person wouldn't be able to do so much in a normal time frame. But I guess only a crazy person can be a real animator at heart.Showreel »
  • Dovev Alperson

    Motion Design & Compositing

  • Jimmy is a magician of After Effects. He can make plastic puppets talk in no time, make a mediocre shot beautiful with his great skills of color correction, and always explores new plug-ins with the curiosity of a ten year old. When we work together I hardly need to explain what I want, as he knows already. Our current record of working without a break is 39 hours. Seriously.Showreel »
  • Yossi Jimmy

    Motion Design & Compositing

  • Shlomi Eliezer is a video editor, and we work together comfortably. He sure has a special sense of humor. We easily understand each other, which means a great deal of shouting rubbish while working together. But while shouting, he finishes the edit as he is extremely fast, which is good when you work on a tight schedule.
  • Shlomi Eliezer

    Video Editor