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    Aviv is a musician. He's been writing all original music for me for many years. Opening themes for TV series, special projects, sad melodies for documentaries... Whatever is needed. He comes over with his guitar, and says: "How about this?" then he plays a melody. I say: "Perfect!", he goes "Wait, we've just started...", I go, "No, but that's great! We got it". Maybe he knows exactly what I'm looking for because he is my big brother, who knows?
  • Aviv Cohen II

    Composer, Song Writer,
    Arranger, Multi Instrumentalist

  • Tomer Ben Ari AKA T.B.A is a music producer & musician based in Tel Aviv. In his works he uses to play all the instruments, do the engineering, programing & mix. This way he can reserve his unique style of sound and music. He has worked with the best musicians in Israel and out of Israel. He is in the process of finishing his own solo album which is a mixture of electronic music, heavy metal grooves and guitars with a beautiful, edgy, uncompromising vocals.
  • Tomer Ben Ari

    Composer, Arranger
    Multi Instrumentalist