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    Yael is a web products strategist and interaction designer. She has worked in many web startups and was a co-founder and a VP product on Sense Of Fashion, an online marketplace for independent fashion. She understands web and marketing, and been participating in web events which only true hardcore web specialists can join. She is gentle and clever, and I love how she can dive in any subject and be able to analyze it, even when it's not her field of interest.
  • Yael Givon

    Online User Experience,
    Social Marketing

  • Gil is a star. He is one of the most clever people I know, and a multi talent: He is a writer, a web specialist, was a chief editor of TV shows, head editor of the technology section for a famous newspaper, a TV presenter at times, an entrepreneur, an advisor and a friend. I try to collaborate with him in most projects I'm involved with. Another thing that I appreciate about him is how he can explain complex things in a simple
  • Gil Rimon

    Writer, Content Technologies,

  • Omer is quite a web-savvy person, and has been messing around with websites and stuff from the very early days of the Internet. Being a multidisciplinary web professional, Omer has a wide array of useful skills such as programing, design, marketing, user experience and many other words only true geeks would understand. It seems like he's always updated in whatever happens in the online
  • Omer Levi

    Multidisciplinary Web Professional

  • Ran Goldstein AKA Goldi is probably the only uber-geek in the free world that you'll let ur sister go out with. Ever since he was a youngster he loved defying laws and ethics, hacking, phracking and playing on the thin line between breaking tech-walls and breaking the law. Few years later, now playing in the big league, Goldi founded sProphet, a mega cool platform for online social sport betting. In these recent days, he crossed the lines to the "other side of the money" - working at an investment house called ISHRA, but from time to time, if your startup is really good, he might just advise you too.
  • Ran Goldstein

    Biz Dev Geek and an Internet Guru