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Independent Projects



Giggle Bytes is a fast paced comedy sketch show, constructed from a variety of short segments. The center of the show is Billy, a tech savvy boy that spends his days watching different shows on his TV, computer & mobile. We share his viewing experience. - Format: 52x11 min (26x22 min) Genre: Shorts, Comedy Audience: 6-11 years old
In Development


The side-splitting stunts and hilarious hi-jinks of a funky gang of eggs are guaranteed to crack you up… and leave them in pieces! - Live Action & Video Compositing 1.5 Min Per Episode watch an episode

Moon Seat

Laika (dog) and Hank (monkey) both claim the moon as their own but haven’t spoken a word in 30 years! They try to settle their differences via slapstick schemes but there’s only ever one winner: gravity! - Animation 1 Min Per Episode watch an episode

The Kids Shopping Channel

“Our pocket money payment plan provides the perfect platform for purchasing… Warning: Piggy banks may be repossessed if you fail to meet your payments.” - Mix Techniques 20 sec Per Episode watch an episode

Cartoon Idol

A shortcut to celebrity for cartoon characters, whatever their shape, size or talent! Vote for your favourite and help crown the next Cartoon Idol! - Live Action & Mixed Animations 20 Sec > 1 Min Per Episode watch an episode

Nut Case

“It’s a nutty, nutty world.” A new pre-school mix of puppetry, animation, live action and music about questions, answers and learning to live. - Format: 26x22 min Audience: Pre-school
In Development