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Graphic Designers

    Matan is a wonder kid. He is not really a kid by now, but we've been working together for so long, since he was much younger. He is a Photoshop master, a photographer and graphic designer, but on top of it all, he is a great mind. Once we had to put balloons on the ceiling of the studio. He pulled a chair slowly while mumbling to himself that he would much rather add the balloons in Photoshop, than actually stand on the chair and tie them to the
  • Matan Shalita

    Broadcast Design,

  • Shlomi is a graphic designer and a gifted illustrator. He is the one who made the drawing of the crowd, so you can see for yourselves. He designs book covers, children's books illustrations and websites, and works on branding, which is his favorite kind of work. His favorite kind of food is schnitzel with rice and red beans.Sample Work »
  • Shlomi Nahmani

    Branding, Illustration

  • Oded is a state of the art graphic designer. When I say state of the art, I mean, one that can teach - which he does, he teach and writes about visual communication. He knows how to crack a concept. He loves words. He understands the importance of a process, and is not afraid to ask the hard questions, during it. I adore the way he works: clean, clever, communicating. He is always a pleasure to work with, brain storm with and have a heart to heart talk with.Sample Work »
  • Oded Ben Yehuda

    Branding, Creative