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    Tzvika is a unique and slightly mad artist. In one of his works, a couple of years back, he used the famous oil painting from 1818, The Raft of the Medusa - where all characters are facing their tragic death - and made a 3D interpretation made of hand-sewn puppets. He worked on it for six months. I thought that's a good way to describe Tzvika, even though I have at least ten more stories like that.Sample Work »
  • Tzvika Gutter

    Installations, Photography, Sculptures

  • Willehad is an award winning multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He has a fantastic distinguished style of his own, apparent in his drawings, animations and videos. His mind and hands work on a different level than most of the people I know. He made a couple of crazy films, and participated in many exhibitions and some commercial stuff. He enjoys a quiet walk in the afternoon and appreciates a good high-five. Showreel »Sample Work »
  • Willehad Eilers (Wayne Horse)

    Animation, Videos

  • Tal is amazingly talented. His drawing and painting skills are absolutely striking, but his sculptural skills are without equal. The thing about Tal is, he can make an accurate sculptured portrait of anyone. He usually utilizes this skill to produce impressive marzipan cakes to order and his most famous client was a Dutch prince. Tal made his 91st, 92nd and 93rd birthday cake. Unfortunately, the prince died at the age of 93, though not from food poisoning. I love looking at him while he works: it's like watching a Zen garden. He will stay up for 3 days and nights in a row, veins bulging with coffee and nicotine, until he is done. By all means: a real old school artist.Sample Work » linklink
  • Tal Amitai

    Sculptures, Illustrations, Paintings