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sunday crowd studio

Sunday Crowd is a production studio based in Tel Aviv, specializing in quality TV content and digital media, focusing on puppetry and animation.

I'm Maya Kessler, a director and puppet animator. I founded Sunday Crowd as I recognized the potential in making quality TV shows with a unique style for the international market.
My vision is to connect artists with the commercial world, to provide creative solutions for clients and to create high quality content for distribution.
In the last few years I've been working on different projects with a broad network of talented freelancers. These people are the Crowd and they range from artists to graphic designers, musicians, web specialists, creative and TV crews.
As well as developing and producing our own content we are also a service studio.
We provide creative solutions for a diverse range of companies from different fields: TV broadcasters, advertising agencies, startups, hi-tech companies and more.
So if you're interested in knowing more, take a look at the profiles I've written for everyone, check out our portfolio and give us a call... even on a Sunday.